OBE Engine


WfMC Application Program Interfaces (wfmc.jar)
org.wfmc.audit Provides a Java binding of WfMC Interface 5 (v.1.1).
org.wfmc.wapi Provides a Java binding of WfMC Interface 2/3 (WAPI v.1.1).
org.wfmc.wapi2 Provides a Java binding of WfMC Interface 2/3 (WAPI v.2.0).


OBE Client Application Program Interface (obeclient-api.jar)
org.obe.client.api Provides the OBE client application program interface.
org.obe.client.api.model Provides public details of the OBE process model.
org.obe.client.api.repository Provides resource repository meta-data objects.
org.obe.client.api.tool Provides classes for defining new types of application and procedure.


OBE Core Object Model (obecore.jar)
org.obe Provides core object model classes and processing utilities.
org.obe.util Provides various classes for modelling miscellaneous XPDL elements.
org.obe.xpdl.model.activity Provides classes related to XPDL workflow activities.
org.obe.xpdl.model.application Provides classes related to workflow applications as represented in XPDL.
org.obe.xpdl.model.condition Provides classes related to XPDL conditions and expressions.
org.obe.xpdl.model.data Provides classes to model XPDL data type declarations.
org.obe.xpdl.model.participant Provides classes for modelling XPDL participants.
org.obe.xpdl.model.transition Provides classes for modelling XPDL transitions.
org.obe.xpdl.model.workflow Provides classes to represent an XPDL workflow process definition.
org.obe.xpdl.parser Provides an interface for parsing XPDL documents.
org.obe.xpdl.parser.dom4j Provides an XPDL parser that uses DOM4J to read an XML document.
org.obe.xpdl.serializer Provides an interface for serializing XPDL documents.
org.obe.xpdl.serializer.dom4j Provides an XPDL serializer that uses DOM4J to write an XML document.


OBE Engine Service Provider Interface (obeengine.jar)
org.obe.spi Provides classes and interfaces for pluggable engine components.
org.obe.spi.evaluator Provides support for pluggable script evaluators.
org.obe.spi.event Provides access to the internal run-time event notification service.
org.obe.spi.model Provides access to run-time process entities.
org.obe.spi.service Provides services and resource repositories used by the run-time engine.
org.obe.spi.util Provides utilities for working with workflow process definitions.


Other Packages
org.obe.xpdl.model.ext Provides classes that model OBE XPDL extensions.
org.obe.xpdl.model.misc Provides miscellaneous classes and interfaces used by the XPDL object model.
org.obe.xpdl.model.pkg Provides classes to model an XPDL package.


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OBE Client Application Program Interface

The OBE Client API implements Java bindings of the WfMC XPDL (Interface 1), WAPI2 (Interface 2/3) and Audit (Interface 5) interfaces.

OBE Client Jar (obeclient.jar)

The OBE Client Jar contains everything necessary for a remote client to attach to an OBE server either via XML-RPC or by RMI. It contains all the classes that are also packaged separately in wfmc.jar, obecore.jar and obeclient-api.jar.

The OBE Engine Service Provider Interface (obeengine.jar)

The org.obe.spi package provides classes and interfaces that enable third parties to extend the OBE Engine by plugging in replacements and extensions. The following aspects are accessible: In addition to the above server-side internal interfaces, third party code can use an extended version of the standard OBE client API.

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