The Python Script Tool Agent

The Python Script tool agent executes a script written in the Python scripting language.

Repository Metadata

The script can be specified in the tool agent repository or in an <xpdl:ExtendedAttribute> element. A Python Script tool agent metadata entry contains:
    <python-script ... file="boolean">
<script ... />
The script content, enclosed in a CDATA section if necessary.
true if script is the name of the file containing the script content, false if the script is inline (the default).

XPDL Extension

To supply the script inline in the workflow definition, use the obe.Script XPDL extension:
<Activity Id="nmtoken" ...>
<Tool Id="MyPythonScript" Type="PROCEDURE">
<ExtendedAttribute Name="obe.Script"><![CDATA[print "Hello from Python"]]><ExtendedAttribute>