Java Method Tool Agent

The Java Method tool agent provides a means to invoke a static or instance method on a Java object. In the instance case the target object can either be supplied by a process instance variable or it can be instantiated on-the-fly for the purpose.

Repository Metadata

Java Method tool agent metadata entry contains:
    <java-method ...>
<class-name ... />
<method ... />
<parm-type ... />+
The fully qualified name of the class which implements the method. The class must have a public, no-args constructor unless all invocations pass a pre-constructed target object.
The name of the method to be invoked.
The nested parm-type elements define the method signature.
Each entry is the fully qualified name of the class or type of the respective method argument.

XPDL Extension

A workflow can invoke an instance method on a specific target object by using the obe.Target XPDL extension:
<Activity Id="nmtoken" ...>
<Tool Id="nmtoken" Type="APPLICATION|PROCEDURE">
<ExtendedAttribute Name="obe.Target" Value="nmtoken" />
The ID of the tool agent to be invoked.
The ID of the process attribute containing the target object, which must be an instance of the class-name specified in the tool agent meta-data.