Workflow Event Broker

Workflow Listener Meta-data

Workflow listener meta-data are used to record permanent subscriptions for workflow event notifications. The basic workflow event broker implementation that comes with OBE stores these data in the configuration file BasicWorkflowEventBroker.xml; the entries have this format:
<workflow-listener id="nmtoken" type="nmtoken"? threadsafe="true|false"?>
<display-name .../>?
<author .../>?
<description .../>?
<doc-url .../>?
<impl-class .../>
<class .../>*
<listener event-type="nmtoken" event-mask="integer"/>*
The fully qualified Java class name of the implementing class.
The nested class elements define the signature of the constructor for the specified class.
The fully qualified Java class name of the constructor parameter.
Subscribes for specified events of the specified type:
Event type, one of: ActivityInstanceListener, AttributeInstanceListener, PackageListener, ProcessDefinitionListener, ProcessInstanceListener, TransitionListener, WorkItemListener.
Integer bitmask to select which events should be notified, values as defined on the corresponding listener interface.