Tool Agent Factory

The tool agent factory provides access to system-supplied and user-defined tool agents.

Tool Agent Meta-data

Tool agent meta-data are used to register a tool agent in the factory. The basic tool agent factory implementation that comes with OBE reads and stores these data in the configuration file BasicToolAgentFactory.xml.

Tool Agent

A tool agent provides a pluggable means for invoking custom procedures and external applications implemented using arbitrary technologies. When a tool is executed as a procedure, it is invoked locally by the workflow engine. When a tool is invoked as an application this is done by the worklist handler application, which can be a console application, Swing- or other GUI-, web-based or other application. Currently, tool agents support console, Swing and web-based invocation. When invoked from a web application tool agents typically either direct the browser to display content in a separate window using the browser's native content-handling capabilities or in a particular usage of the latter, use the Java Net Launch Protocol (JNLP) to launch a Java applet or application. OBE comes with a variety of tool agents.