Resource Repository

The resource repository enables users to access local copies of files that may originally have resided at a remote location. The resources are keyed by their original public ID and/or system ID. If a caller the resource repository requests a resource that is not held locally, the resource repository attempts to download it from the URI provided as a system ID, and if successful caches the content locally. The resource repository can also act as an entity resolver.


The resources are stored locally and made accessible on demand as a

Resource Meta-data

Resource meta-data are used to register a resource. The basic resource repository implementation that comes with OBE stores these data in the configuration file BasicResourceRepository.xml; the entries have the format:
<resource id="nmtoken" type="nmtoken" threadsafe="true|false"?>
<display-name .../>?
<author .../>?
<description .../>?
<doc-url .../>?
<public-id .../>
<system-id .../>
<instance xsi:type="java:fqcn" ... />
The Public ID of the resource (required for DTD resolution, etc.).
The System ID of the resource.
The name of the disk file containing the resource content, relative to ${obe.config.dir}/resources.