Function Factory

The function factory enables users to supply user-defined functions that can be invoked from any of the scripting languages supported by the evaluator factory.

Function Set

The functions are defined as function sets implemented by the static methods of a specified class.

Function Set Meta-data

Function set meta-data are used to register a function set. The basic function factory implementation that comes with OBE stores these data in the configuration file BasicFunctionFactory.xml; the entries have the format:
<function-set id="nmtoken" type="nmtoken"? threadsafe="true|false"?>
<display-name .../>?
<author .../>?
<description .../>?
<doc-url .../>?
<impl-class .../>
<class .../>*
<ns-prefix .../>
<ns-uri .../>
The fully qualified Java class name of the implementing class.
The nested class elements define the signature of the constructor for the specified class.
The fully qualified Java class name of the constructor parameter.
The namespace prefix to use when invoking any of the functions in the set.
The namespace URI for the function set.